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Pole Dancing Party | Dancing Hen's Nights

Our Top 5x Hen Party Themes!

We're guessing you are looking for a way to spice up the Hen's Party rather than the typical naughty straws and silly sashes, right? There are plenty of alternative ways to celebrate the evening and we have sourced the best themes!

1. Great Gatsby

This is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst Hen's at the moment! Get inspired by the glitz and glamour of the Roaring 20's and pop on a fringed dress, gloves and a headpiece and you will feel as if you have taken a step back in time.

WILD LEVEL: 5/10. This is the perfect theme for a reserved Hen who is down for a good time but is wanting a slightly more 'tame' evening.

2. Moulin Rouge/Burlesque

This is a classic choice for Hen's! It is the perfect excuse to live out your fantasy and dress up like the ladies from the "Lady Marmalade" video clip (Christina is one of our faves too!) Think big hair, corsets and fishnets...what's not to love?!

WILD LEVEL: 8/10. This theme tends to let ladies release their inner goddess and trust us, they whip out the sexy moves to match! Ideal for those Hen's who are keen to let their hair down and get a bit wild.

3. Beyonce Single Ladies

Since the music video for "Single Ladies" was released, it seemed to become a rite of passage for Hen's to sing and dance their hearts out to this on their Hen's Night! Beyonce is known for her killer dance moves and booty to match, so mix it up with a Hen's party that is filled with dancing from start to finish. Make a playlist filled with old-school Beyonce tunes and see where the night takes you!

WILD LEVEL: 7/10: Ideal for a Hen who LOVES to dance. Watch out though, there is always an unexpected guest who rocks up and astonishes everyone with the ability to move and shake her booty (Look out Beyonce!)

4. High Tea

This is a very classy affair and is beautiful for the Spring Time! You won't catch any penis straws or flashing crowns here. Typically held early afternoon, the ladies tend to continue into the evening with champagne and canapes.

WILD LEVEL: 3/10. Ideal for a Hen who wants an intimate Hen's Party and wants to celebrate with close friends and families. When the champagne is flowing, High Teas have the ability to escalate from a quiet event to a rowdy one, so be prepared!

5. Nautical

Ahoy! Who knew Sailors and stripes could be sexy? We sure did! This is such a simple yet effective theme, so minimal planning is needed! The combination of nautical with a 1950's classic 'pin up' style is KEY. The Hen will by surrounded by a sea of 1950 Nautical Beauties and all involved will feel ultra-girly. Candy Man by Christina Aguilera is one of our faves for this theme!

WILD LEVEL: 6/10. Perfect for a Hen who loves to dress up and is your ultimate 'girly girl'. It is such a time-less theme and really, when do you ever have the excuse to doll yourself up as a sexy sailor...

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