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How to host the ULTIMATE Hen's Party!

So, your bestie just got engaged and she is leaving it all up to you to organise the ULTIMATE Hen's Party! No pressure...right? Don't stress girl, we've got you covered with a couple of easy steps!

Step 1: Bride Comes First

The whole purpose of the night is for the Hen to have fun, so it is important to keep in mind what she likes (don't worry, you can have topless waiters at your Hen's Night). Have a chat to the Hen and get a feel for how she may want to celebrate her last night of 'freedom'.

Step 2: Choose a Theme

A good theme has the ability to guarantee a wild night! Choose a theme which will let everyone take a step out of their comfort zone and incorporates a bit of fun & femininity. Themes are meant to provide a bit of a giggle and are the PERFECT excuse to dress up. Our favourite themes are Burlesque and Great Gatsby!

Step 3: Venue

Venues are oh so important! Hen's Party groups can be big or small, so it is important to gauge how many girls will be attending before securing a venue. Decide if the party is a one-night event or if it will continue over the weekend. Function rooms, the Hen's house or hotel rooms are typically the easiest and most effective venue.

Step 4: Food & Beverages

We don't want any 'hangry' girls, especially not a 'hangry' Hen! Food and beverages are a key component to a successful Bachelorette party and can actually act as a bit of an ice-breaker for those girls who have never met before. We have found girls prefer to have smaller tapas-style throughout the evening rather than a sit-down meal (this helps keep the party going ;) ). Girls tend to BYO drinks but it is always fun to make cocktails too! Just remember to have easy and convenient access to water - & plenty of it!

Step 5: Photo's

During the evening, encourage everyone to be snapping away! Create a unique hashtag for everyone to use on their images so you can track all the pics from the night. Just remember to have permission from attendees to upload photos to social media in case the night gets a little too rowdy,.. you know what we mean!

Step 6: Get Organised Early & Let Your Hair Down!

As the organiser, you're allowed to enjoy the evening too! If you have a busy schedule for the day/night, confirm everything at least two days prior. Write out a basic schedule with times and locations so you don't get overwhelmed and no surprises are revealed too early! Set up early and allow time for any mishaps or late arrivals of guests. Then it's time to let your hair down & enjoy!

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