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Pole Dancing Hens Party

Here at Dancing Hens Night, we are renowned for our Pole Dancing Parties! With the combination of amazing moves, saucy music, a friendly environment and the best pole dance instructors on the Gold Coast (Sarah & Jess), our pole dancing hens parties are the most sought after on the GC! Sarah and Jess ensure they cater to all levels, whether it is your first time to stepping in a pole studio or if you are experienced.

Quite often, we have girls wanting to book a Pole Dance hens party but are unsure of what to expect, so read below for a little insight!


Wear something you feel comfortable in! You want to allow yourself free-flowing movement around the pole and avoid any restrictions, so definitely advise all the girls. For the top, we suggest a crop top or singlet and on the bottom, leggings are booty shorts will work just fine!


Don't stress, our instructors don't expect you to have to taken previous pole dance classes leading up to the hens party! Sarah and Jess will take you back to basics, teaching the group the pole fundamentals including hand positioning

and even walking around the pole.


Pole Dance certainly encompasses all things SEXY! Girls will learn how to utilise both the pole and the floor to perform their saucy new moves. Don't get confused, pole dancing is hard work so Sarah & Jess will take you through the correct technique to really perfect and allow you to execute your new pole moves to the absolute best!

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