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#InstaWorthy Bachelorette Party!

Instagram certainly has allowed people to share their decorative abilites, making us who aren't blessed with creative genes, feel our basic balloons from the discount store are somewhat inadequate...

Bachelorette Parties in 2017 are all about the small details. We have listed our top picks for how you can deck out the party, making sure the hens party is #Instaworthy.

#1. Platters

Ridiculously extravagant and feast-like platters are trending this year and even more so for hens parties! These lavish grazing tables are an absolute masterpiece and will have everyone in awe! Be sure to google some of these incredible platters, but be careful, you will find some some drool-worthy pics.

#2. Flower Walls

The key to an #Instaworthy bachelorette party is to incorporate one key feature/centrepiece. Our pick is a flower wall! Again, another extravagant feature which adds an element of elegance yet will make the perfect place for selfies with the bride-to-be!

#3. Champagne

Spice up your traditional champagne with a pop of none other than...fairy floss! Add a little pinch of fairy floss to the rim of the glass and it will take your champagne-game to the next level.

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