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Bachelorette Party Playlist

As silly as it may sound, a playlist has the ability to make or break the party. Music sets the tone of the evening, so steer clear of your usual Sunday relaxation playlist (unless it involves some Britney!). There is nothing more annoying than when everyone wants to be the DJ and the songs are constantly changing, followed with one of the girls shouting "THIS IS MY SONG!" and busting out some crazy dance moves.

So to help you out, we have brainstormed and come up with our PERFECT Bachelorette playlist. It incorporates a mix of Girl Anthems, RNB throwbacks and Classics, so everyone is sure to love it. Check it out!

  1. Pony - Ginuwine

  2. Single Ladies - Beyonce

  3. Wannabe - Spice Girls

  4. Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim & Mya

  5. Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon

  6. Bootylicious - Destinys Child

  7. Dirrty - Christina Aguilera

  8. Love Sex & Magic - Ciara + Justin Timberlake

  9. I'm a Slave 4 U - Britney Spears

  10. Gimme More - Britney Spears

  11. Work B**ch - Britney Spears

  12. Naughty Girl - Beyonce

  13. I Don't Need a Man - Pussycat Dolls

  14. Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls

  15. Work - Rihanna

  16. Drop it Like its Hot - Snoop Dogg

  17. You Can Do It - Ice Cube

  18. Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

  19. Like a Virgin - Madonna

  20. Crazy in Love - Beyonce

  21. Yeah - Usher

  22. Sexy B**ch - David Guetta & Akon

  23. Hey Ya- Outkast

  24. Bye Bye Bye - NSYNC

  25. Everybody - Backstreet Boys

  26. Ignition - R Kelly

  27. Shots - Lil Jon

  28. Run the World - Beyonce

  29. Push It - Salt n Peppa

  30. Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake

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