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Top 5 Hens Party Games!

So you need a way to spice up the evening and need a couple of fun activities? We have listed our Top 5 Hens Party Games! These are sure to give everyone a giggle and feel a little silly, but isn't that what Hens Nights are for?

#1. Banned Words

This is super easy and you can make it as NAUGHTY as your heart desires! Simply choose a list of words that cannot be spoken throughout the night, but the trick is to choose words that are hard to avoid! You get to decide the penalty for those party-goers who don't comply! A perfect penalty can be taking a shot, doing a dare or paying a fine as determined by the Hen!

#2. How Well Do You Know Your Mr Quiz

This is an absolute Hen's party classic. Put the bride on the spot and test how well she knows her future husband! Before the hen party, ask the groom 10 to 20 questions about him, the bride and their relationship. At the party, ask the 'bride to be' the same questions. Determine a fun punishment for every question she gets wrong!

#3. Hush-Hush Hen

This is a take on the traditional game of Secret Santa… but this time Santa is giving gifts to those who are naughty! Ask each guest to bring a gift for the bride-to-be (lacy undies, nipple tassels, adult toys… you get the idea – the naughtier the better). The Hen then has to guess which friend brought which gift and for every time she guesses incorrectly, she will have to take a sip of her drink. For some fabulous yet naughty gifts, check out our friends at Burlesque Dolls!

#4. Truth or Dare

Bring back those memories of Spin the Bottle and introduce this game into your Bachelorette do! It is quite the Hen's Party tradition to incorporate some challenges and dares to the proceedings that will get the hen blushing ahead of her big night. Before the night, ask the girls to send you some sweet truths and funny dares then create cards for each truth and dare for the girls to hand over to the Bachelorette throughout the duration of the party. If she won’t answer a truth or take a dare, then she will have to take a sip of her drink! The girls can also join in the fun and challenge each other to some of the dares.

#5. Dress the Bride

All your hens have to do is bring one fancy dress item with them for the bride to wear. This can be anything from hideous clothing to funky wigs, the aim of the game is to embarrass the bride-to-be! Once the bride has been fully dressed, she can then decide which hen is worthy of receiving a special prize for bringing the best fancy dress item. Obviously, it is hen party game tradition to ensure that the hen's party is never forgotten by taking plenty of photographs, which we are sure will come in useful in the near future!

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